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17 days left of basic!

I have my phone for a few min to call my mom!

My last post for 9 weeks.

This post was scheduled, so when you’re reading this, I’ll already be at basic. Everyone hold down freeblr and post pics of Rand Paul for me. Use sassy gifs, point out logical fallacies and always keep a cooler head. I’ll be back in August, but for now I’ve got work to do.

Seeya Tumblr!


Not a very appealing title, I admit, but you’ll understand why I decided to reflect upon the second political blog I followed with that title. (P.S., the first was hipsterlibertarian.)

runningrepublican first followed me, for reasons I still don’t know to this day. I didn’t follow back for…

That was… Wow…
Thanks! This means I accomplished my goal of reaching out to at least one person.

Good luck, jogger.

Haha! Thanks!

Well friends I’m in the hotel. Tomorrow I ship to basic.

Awesome blog ☆

Thank you very much:) I would attach a pic of Rand Paul but I’m on my phone.

what do you think about Ben Carson?

I think he’s an outrageously smart man.

My heart goes out to you, your girlfriend, and all that care about you. I know you've been getting these all day, but I think the bravest thing you can do is defend lives with your own. I understand you're not religious, but you'll be in my prayers. For the first bit, the main goal is to break you into a soldier. So even if you believe in no God, speaking to at least the universe can help you along your path. Keep on keepin' on. We will all be here for when you return.

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts!

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