\ Running Republican


Can’t we all get along and eat bread

I unfollowed you just so I can follow you again.

Haha, I saw that!

That anon who says you hope you get shot to death is an idiot. That actually made me angry especially since you're in the army and it's rude.

Eh. It doesn’t bother me. I want people to say stuff off anon. That’s ballsy.

You are so beautiful. What university do you attend?

I was attending Susquehanna university, but I’ll be doing a semester at a community college, then transferring I Rowan University to save money.

I've missed my favorite blog. I'm glad to hear you kicked butt at boot!

It’s really watered down these days. I almost wish it were tougher so the bad apples would be weeded out.

You're a fucking loser and a piece of shit. I hope you get shot to death you fucking pussy.



Haha! I missed this!

Great to see you back Bro!!

You too!

Bruh. I'm so hyped you're back.

I’m hyped to be back!

I missed seeing you on my dash! It's so good to see you back (:

Thanks! I missed getting these!


runningrepublican who’s actually kind of a military libertarian is back!

And lo, my dash runneth over.

Probably the only person that “hooah”s when they hear the name Milton Friedman.